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 Damon Herd

Damon Herd, @tickingboy

Damon is a researcher and artist, currently working towards a PhD at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee. His research area is life narratives told in the comics medium, with a particular interest in British comics, and the games authors play with truth. He has been published in Studies in Comics, and on The Comics Grid, and is a regular contributor to the comics blog Graphixia. He produces his own comics including The Adventures of Ticking Boy, and is also the organiser of DeeCAP, a comics performance event based in Dundee.

Hattie Kennedy

Hattie Kennedy, @HattieK

Hattie is a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh’s Centre of Canadian Studies. Her research is focused on Québécois Bande Dessinée and the 1980 and 1995 referendums on Quebec Sovereignty. She is interested in questions of voice and political identity in Québec since The Quiet Revolution and the development of the BD form within the province.  She is a regular contributor to the comics blog Graphixia, She is a member of the editorial board of The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship, and is the reviews editor for Comics Forum.

Kat Lombard-Cook

Kat Lombard-Cook, @KatLombardCook

Kat is a PhD candidate at Edinburgh University, after having completed her M.Des (Communication Design) at the Glasgow School of Art. She is interested in researching how comic books can be used to interrogate and analyze narrative structure, how interaction can shape narrative understanding, and the relationship between image, place and memory. She is also a designer, and comic maker who has been involved with the Glasgow-based collective TGC. She creates work that questions the form and format of comics through manipulating and subverting structuralist constructs inherent in comic reading as well as pieces that encourages the reader to engage with physical narratives in non-traditional ways.

Ernesto Priego

Ernesto Priego, @ernestopriego

Ernesto is lecturer in Library Science at the Centre for Information Science,  Department of Library and Information Science, City Univesity London. He is the editor-in-chief of The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship. He is interested in comics as artifacts and publications, and his ongoing research focuses on open access publishing, scholarly communications, social media and the digital humanities.

Lise Tannahill

Lise Tannahill, @francopopfille

Lise  is a PhD student at the Stirling Maxwell Centre, University of Glasgow. Her research focuses on representations of regional and minority culture in the francophone comic or bande dessinée, with particular emphasis on depictions of Brittany and Corsica. She is also interested in bande dessinée produced during WW1 and during the Nazi occupation of France. She is a member of the editorial board of The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship, a contributor to Comics Forum’s monthly News Review, and co-organiser of  Laydeez Do Comics Glasgow.

Bio images by Damon Herd.

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