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DeeCAP videos

We have posted all the videos from the DeeCAP (Dundee Comics/Art/Performance) session at the Comics Unconference online. The Damon Herd video “What Are You Then?” features a brief intro on the concept of DeeCAP at the start. You can also find out more information on comics and performance at this post on Comics Forum. Thanks to Paddy Johnston, Andrew Godfrey, Kat Lombard-Cook, David Robertson and M. Contraband Esq., Punk Lawyer for taking part.

Damon Herd – “What Are You Then?” from ticking boy on Vimeo.

Andrew Godfrey – “The Hapless Adventures of Comics Studies Boy/Man” from ticking boy on Vimeo.

Kat Lombard-Cook – “Once Upon A Time” from ticking boy on Vimeo.

David Roberston – Fred Egg Comics from ticking boy on Vimeo.

M. Contraband Esq., Punk Lawyer from ticking boy on Vimeo.

Paddy Johnston – “Long Divisions” from ticking boy on Vimeo.

Comics Unconference Video

We put together this wee video to give you a taster of the Comics Unconference in Glasgow last Saturday. We also filmed the DeeCAP sessions, look out for them online shortly.

Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up February 2015 from ticking boy on Vimeo.

Storify: #comicsunconf15 in Pictures

[If the Storify embed does not work well, please view it here].

A #comicsunconf15 Twitter Activity Summary and Archive

What an extraordinary day Saturday was! This is what the day (Saturday 28 February 2015) looked like in terms of #comicsunconf15 Tweets:

#comicsunfonf15 Twitter Activity chart  2015-03-02 at 08.20.54

There’s still a live interactive archive of the hashtag here.

Find out more about how many #comicsunconf15 Tweets there were and how many of us tweeted using the hashtag in Ernesto’s post over at the Comics Grid blog.

Source Data

Priego, Ernesto (2015): A #comicsunconf15 Twitter Archive. figshare. Retrieved 10:26, Mar 03, 2015 (GMT)


Thank you!

The Comics Unconference was a great success. Much of this was due to all the people who attended actively participating in the democratic decision making process for the discussion sessions, and then enthusiastically engaging with all these sessions. We will be posting updates, blog posts, drawings, photos and videos of the event soon but in the meantime we just want to say a huge thank you to all the attendees. Participants in the Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up 2015 – we salute you!

Attendees at the Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up 2015

Attendees at the Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up 2015

Glasgow Today! #comicsunconf15

Glasgow: You are here

The day has come! Looking forward to meeting you all. If you couldn’t make it to the unconference we will make our best at documenting the proceedings.

We will be tweeting using the hashtag #comicsunconf15. You don’t have to follow the hashtag “live”, we are archiving the tweets and you can follow and search the tweets tagged with #comicsunconf15 on our interactive archive, here.


Damon Herd performing at DeeCAP

Damon Herd performing at DeeCAP

We hope you are looking forward to the Comics Unconference on Saturday. It should be an informative, engaging, educational, and fun day. To add to the fun part we will be ending the day with a DeeCAP session. A what you ask? Well, Damon Herd, one of the unconference organisers regularly hosts evenings of Comics Art Performances in Dundee (hence the name!) where comics creators perform or interact with their comics while they are projected on a large screen. Dressing up, music, and sound FX are all encouraged, in fact the more far-out the better! This session will include DeeCAP regulars David Robertson and Andrew Godfrey, as well as newbies Kat Lombard-Cook and Paddy Johnston. Would you like to take part? Drop us a line at

To find out more check out this short history on performing comics over at Comics Forum and ‘like’ the DeeCAP FB page to be kept up to date with events.


Don’t Forget Your Comic Book Donation!

Queens Cross Housing Association logo

The Queens Cross Housing Association  (QCHA) is a community-based housing association; a not for profit organisation and recognised Scottish Charity (no.03634). Their community development services provide education, employment, life skills and social activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

The QCHA is letting us use the Dundasvale Residents’ Hall to host the unconference for free in return for a donation of comics for their youth clubs.

We are asking all participants coming to the unconference to bring a comic (or even better, several!) that would be interesting to young persons aged between 5 and 18.

The comic or comics you donate don’t have to be new or from a particular genre or format as long as the books are age-appropriate; something from your own collection or that you made yourself would be very welcome.

Thanks very much in advance!

Comic books in baskets in a library; Photo CC BY Enokson via Flickr

Photo CC BY Enokson via Flickr



Unconference Code of Conduct

Please note our Unconference Code of Conduct has been added as a menu tab on this site’s main navigation bar above.

Please take some time to read it carefully.

We expect all unconference participants to follow these rules at all unconference spaces and unconference-related social events.

Our code of conduct policy is based on the LIBER 2015 code of conduct, which is based on  the example Conference anti-harassment Policy from the Geek Feminism wiki, created by the Ada Initiative and other volunteers. Our gratitude for their important work.


The Scottish Comics Unconference Meet-up will take place on Saturday 28th February 2015 at Dundasvale Residents’ Hall  in Glasgow, Scotland. Please check out our maps post to help you find the venue.

Registration will open at 10:00 and the event will finish by 19:00 after ending with a DeeCAP comics performance presentation.

The first session of the day will see a vote on which topics, submitted by participants prior to the meet-up, will be discussed in break-out sessions.

There is still time to book your ticket by visiting our eventbrite page – only £10.